What is The Price of Coconut Charcoal Briquette Wholesale?

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To grill food such as fish, chicken, or meat, you need firing material which is coconut charcoal. If you often grill in large quantities, we recommend you buy coconut charcoal briquette wholesale. By buying these coconut charcoal briquettes, you can save more on expenses. 

Now we will share information about the wholesale price of coconut charcoal that you can get at Master Charcoal. Apart from that, you also have to know what advantages you can get by buying coconut charcoal briquettes wholesale, apart from the cheaper price. 

Coconut Charcoal Briquette Wholesale Prices

The price of charcoal from coconut shells can be different because of several factors such as type, size, and packaging requirements. In general, there are two types of packaging that you can choose: inner box packaging and bulk packaging. 

The price of charcoal briquettes also can be cheaper or more expensive because of currency fluctuations. In 2023 the price of coconut charcoal briquette is around 1.100 USD per ton, this price is determined based on EXW. But in 2024 the price could increase according to currency fluctuations that occur.

In 2024 you can get coconut charcoal briquette wholesale at prices starting from around 1.260 USD. Through Master Charcoal, you can get 1 ton of charcoal briquettes from coconut at that price. If you want to get a full package of coconut charcoal briquette, you have to pay 1.495 USD.

If you are interested in buying coco charcoal briquette wholesale, then Master Charcoal can be an option. Through Master Charcoal you can make wholesale purchases with a minimum order quantity equivalent to a 20″ feet container.

One container can contain around 18,000 kg of charcoal briquettes in the shape of cubes or 15,500 charcoal briquettes in the shape of tubes, hexagons, and fingers. The wholesale price per ton is around 1,305 – 1,615 USD, to find out more details you can contact the admin via WhatsApp or email.

Buy Wholesale Coconut Charcoal Briquettes and Get These 3 Advantages!

There are many benefits you can get by buying wholesale coconut charcoal briquette, apart from the cheaper price. Here are 5 benefits you can get by buying wholesale coconut charcoal briquette.

  • Save Shipping Costs

The first advantage you can get if you buy charcoal briquettes wholesale is cheaper shipping costs. You don’t need to spend a lot of money on multiple deliveries. With just one delivery, you can meet your needs for coconut charcoal briquette for a certain period.

Coconut Charcoal Briquette Factory

  • Preventing Coconut Charcoal Stocks from Running Out

The second advantage you will get is your need for coconut charcoal will always be sufficient and fulfilled. Purchasing wholesale or in large quantities will prevent sudden shortages or running out of charcoal. When the coconut charcoal is left in stock, you can make the next order.

  • You Can Resell The Coconut Charcoal Briquette Wholesale

If the charcoal coconut that you buy remains and you don’t know what to do with the charcoal, you can resell it. It will give you many profits because charcoal briquettes sold wholesale have a cheaper price.

Now you don’t need to hesitate to buy charcoal briquettes made from coconut wholesale. Because you can get many benefits from that, especially if you choose the right manufacturer who offers interesting prices.


In conclusion, the things that influence the price of coconut charcoal briquettes are the specifications and the packaging. However, if you buy wholesale, you can get cheaper prices for coconut charcoal briquette.

Apart from that, choosing the best manufacturer like Master Charcoal can also help you to get coconut charcoal briquette wholesale at a cheaper  price. Not only a cheaper price, but you can also get other benefits such as saving on shipping costs and making a profit by reselling the charcoal.

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