What is a Hookah Charcoals Wholesaler?

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Hookah or shisha are great options for relaxing, but you have to know how to use them properly. One of the most important elements in a great shisha smoking experience is the charcoal you use. You can buy it from a trusted Hookah charcoal wholesaler.

Understanding Hookah Charcoal Wholesalers

Currently, on the market, two types of hookah charcoal wholesalers are available: light charcoal and natural charcoal, each serving distinct purposes. Natural charcoal is the choice for longer sessions and provides the cleanest method of smoking shisha. Conversely, light charcoal is the option for beginners interested in trying it out.

Type of  Hookah Charcoal Wholesalers

As previously explained, there are two types of hookah charcoal on the market, namely light charcoal and natural charcoal. The following is an explanation of the two types:
  • Light Hookah Charcoal

Users typically opt for light charcoal when they are beginners looking to try it out. Light hookah charcoal comprises various basic ingredients that facilitate quick lighting of the coal, resulting in minimal power production.Light charcoal products are usually coated with sulfur which helps the charcoal heat itself quickly. Then light charcoal products come in ring or circle-shaped pieces varying from 33-40mm and are odorless. Brands vary widely and with light charcoal, you can make an informed decision to help determine when you want to try it.
  • Natural Hookah Charcoal

The main use of natural hookah charcoal is to provide the right amount of heat to the shisha for a long period.Natural hookah charcoal usually comes from coconut shells and is very environmentally friendly. This natural product lasts longer than light hookah charcoal products and is easier to maintain when smoking shisha. Typically natural hookah charcoal comes in cube form and requires a consistently high heat source to use for smoking.Natural Hookah Charcoal Ultimately the two types of charcoal available on the market today are natural charcoal and light hookah charcoal. Whatever you decide to try, you will still have a way to enjoy your shisha cigarettes.If you don’t use natural charcoal briquettes yet, do you even really smoke hookah? A must for the modern hookah charcoal enthusiast. This means a cleaner, longer burn with less ash on your hookah bowl and a better-tasting hookah session.


Overall, hookah charcoal wholesaler is an excellent choice for shisha enthusiasts who value long-lasting burn time, high heat output, low smoke and ash, environmental friendliness, and clean taste. This charcoal is widely available and affordable, making it a popular choice for both casual and serious shisha smokers.   This charcoal possesses unique characteristics that appeal to shisha enthusiasts. At PT Coco Total Karbon Indonesia, we maintain an unwavering commitment to ensuring consistency in every batch, meeting precise specifications, and upholding unwavering quality in each container.As pioneers of an advanced 8-step quality control process for this hookah, we set new industry standards, a dedication that has earned us the prestigious ISO 9001:2015 certification, positioning us among the elite group of coconut charcoal manufacturers.Every hookah smoker understands the significance of using high-quality hookah charcoals sourced from a dependable supplier. When you procure hookah charcoal from us, you can rest assured that you are acquiring a premium product at the most competitive price available.As world-leading suppliers, we have earned the trust of thousands of satisfied customers worldwide. Our extensive range of hookah charcoal includes both natural charcoal and quick-light coals.Experience unparalleled wholesaler service with our premium selection of Hookah charcoal wholesalers. Our collection of Hookah Charcoals offers top-quality products at unbeatable wholesale prices. Visit Master Charcoal now and explore our array of Hookah Charcoal options.

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