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  • With an unwavering commitment to superior quality, we adhere to stringent quality control measures throughout every production phase of our coconut charcoal briquettes for shisha, from meticulous shell selection to final packaging.
  • We emphasize the pivotal role of charcoal in briquette quality, producing our own raw charcoal from carefully selected coconut shells to achieve elevated fixed carbon content, low volatile matter, and ash content.
    By eliminating volatile matter during carbonization and opting for gradual natural cooling over water cooling, we ensure the integration of only top & notch charcoal into our briquettes. This dedication to excellence extends to our collaborations with handpicked suppliers, who provide coconut shell charcoal of exceptional quality that aligns perfectly with our predetermined carbon and ash specifications. 

How do we check the quality of coconut charcoal briquettes

Our coconut charcoal factory maintains a stringent 8-step quality inspection process throughout hookah coal production, combining in-house and third-party laboratory testing to consistently deliver high-quality shisha briquettes with minimal ash content and extended
burn time. Our ISO 9001 certification further validates our commitment to quality. To assure optimal shisha experiences for our wholesale buyers, our diligent Quality Control team continuously monitors key parameters, including odor and spark characteristics, crucial for ensuring a superior and safe smoking encounter.

In-house quality control team

Our coconut charcoal factory takes quality seriously, with a dedicated team that undergoes a comprehensive 3-month training followed by an examination overseen by key stakeholders. Divided into three groups, the teams meticulously inspect raw materials, monitor production processes, and assess the final product and packaging. The team responsible for production oversight operates from a well-equipped lab on the second floor, conveniently located near a meeting room, offering you the chance to observe our stringent quality control measures firsthand and experience our commitment to excellence.

Independent quality control with laboratory

In our commitment to ensuring top-notch quality, our coconut charcoal briquettes undergo regular evaluations by an independent quality control laboratory, enhancing our in-house measures. This collaborative approach involves sending weekly samples to the external lab,
creating a robust system of cross-verification that safeguards the accuracy of our own assessments. This diligent process not only bolsters our confidence in adhering to industry benchmarks but also reaffirms our dedication to providing you with exceptional coconut charcoal products. The external laboratory conducts comprehensive tests, examining ash content, moisture levels, calorific value, and volatile matter, ensuring that every briquette meets the highest standards of quality and performance.

Coconut Charcoal Briquettes lab test
Coconut Charcoal Briquettes laboratory test

The raw material of coconut charcoal shell check

At the core of our dedication to superior quality, our journey begins with the careful selection of natural coconut charcoal shells. These shells, influenced by factors like origin and season, undergo rigorous assessment to ensure adherence to our strict standards. While our primary charcoal facility operates on Halmahera Island, collaboration with local farmers supplements our supply to maintain consistency.

Coconut Charcoal Briquettes for shisha raw material the best

Exceptional raw materials define our premium coconut charcoal briquettes. We meticulously choose coconuts devoid of imperfections, guaranteeing pure charcoal for our products. Carbon content is verified for optimal burning. Parameters such as moisture, ash content,
color, carbon value, and calorific value undergo detailed evaluation by our dedicated quality control team. Following this, the journey advances to our advanced crushing facility in our second production unit, where automated screeners maintain the charcoal’s integrity. The
charcoal is then skillfully transformed into fine powder, with mesh size consistency assured by our quality control. This meticulous approach reflects our unwavering commitment to precision and quality.

Packaging Stage Quality Control

Beyond production, a pivotal aspect lies in meticulous packaging control. The pristine and secure packaging of your charcoal briquettes is a non-negotiable priority for us. Our dedication extends to the examination of the printing quality for both master and inner boxes. We intricately scrutinize the harmonization of colors, gradients, impeccable cutting, and adhesive excellence, ensuring an unwavering commitment to consistency and superior presentation. Your satisfaction is our driving force.

packaging of Coconut Charcoal Briquettes for shisha
packaging process of Coconut Charcoal Briquettes for shisha

Export Product Shipment Preparation

As part of our commitment to delivering excellence, we go the extra mile before loading your coconut charcoal briquette boxes into the ocean container. Each box undergoes a thorough cleaning process, ensuring that your shipment arrives with pristine boxes. To maintain
accuracy, we label each row with box numbers, guaranteeing the right quantity is loaded. This dedication to meticulous care and precision is a testament to our dedication in providing you with the finest quality coconut charcoal briquettes. Your satisfaction is our driving force

Coconut Charcoal Briquettes Shipment process

Minimum order

The minimum order quantity for shisha and hookah coconut charcoal is a 20-foot container. The container’s load capacity varies based on the briquette shape and packaging approach. For instance, Cube-shaped coconut briquettes with complete packaging (master box + inner
box) can fit 17,500 kg or 17.5 tons in a 20-foot container. Opting for the same Cube shape but with only master box packaging (excluding the inner box, in bulk) allows for up to 19.5 – 20 tons in the same container, reflecting a 2-3 ton difference due to packaging. When using the
finger or hexagonal type, the maximum capacity with full packaging in a 20-foot container is 15 tons. Additionally, a 40-foot HQ container can hold up to 26 tons of cube or finger/hexagonal briquettes.

Port of loading

Our charcoal production facility is located in Magelang, Central Java, Indonesia, where container trucks usually arrive early in the morning. Loading a 20-foot container takes approximately 2 to 3 hours, while a 40-foot container requires around 4 hours. Our primary port for loading is Semarang, specifically Tanjung Emas (ID SRG). The tracking time from our factory to the Semarang port is 6 hours by truck. Typically, container staffing is done in the morning, and the container reaches the Semarang port on the same evening. Alternatively, we occasionally ship from Surabaya, with a tracking time of about 12 hours from our factory. When containers are staffed in the morning, they arrive at the Surabaya port the following morning. Our choice of the loading port is based on shipping lines, ensuring an optimal balance of speed and cost-effectiveness for transporting your charcoal.


Coconut charcoal is generally loaded into containers without pallets, employing a stacking method that resembles a brick wall. However, at our facility, we offer the option of loading with or without pallets. When utilizing pallets, a 20-foot container can hold 14 tons of charcoal with full packaging, instead of the typical 17.5 tons. Similarly, a 40-foot container with pallets can accommodate 22 tons of charcoal with full packaging, as opposed to the standard 26 tons

What should you do on your side?

Operating on FOB terms, your role primarily entails the acceptance of containers at your designated port. To ensure a seamless process, enlisting the services of a capable importing agent in your country is strongly advised. This expert will efficiently handle all intricacies of
customs clearance and meticulously oversee the tracking process, facilitating the journey from port arrival to your warehouse with precision.

Delivery time

The shipping duration, or transit time, hinges on the schedule of both the mother vessel and feeders. Feeders, which are intermediate-sized vessels, transport containers from Semarang or Surabaya to transshipment ports like Singapore, Kelang (Malaysia), or Busan (Korea). At
the transshipment port, your container is loaded onto the Mother Vessel, an expansive container ship responsible for transporting it to another transshipment port near your location, such as Rotherham, Valencia, Sharjah, Houston, New York, Melbourne, and others.

It’s important to note that we can ship from both Semarang and Surabaya ports. Booking the vessel in advance requires 1-3 days, during which we confirm the shipping line. However, it’s crucial to be aware that not all shipping lines accept coconut charcoal as dangerous goods
(DG), and DG shipping comes at a higher cost than regular shipping. The loading of coconut charcoal transpires at our Magelang, Central Java factory, followed by truck transport to the port of Semarang or Surabaya. The process involves weighing, fumigation, and transferring
the container to the feeder vessel, which then proceeds to Port Klang or Singapore to facilitate the transfer of containers to the Mother Vessel.

Cost of shipping

The ocean freight expenses for transporting coconut shell charcoal briquettes are contingent upon the chosen shipping lines. Typically, these shipping lines revise their pricing twice a month. Many of our clients inquire about the costs involved in independently coordinating
the export of coconut charcoal briquettes from Indonesia. In reality, the optimal approach is to engage a Shipping Agent who will expertly manage all aspects, including documentation and container trucking. Outlined below are the approximate costs per element for exporting charcoal. While shipping agents generally provide an all-inclusive price, I’ve categorized it by primary components here. The departure port options encompass Semarang, Surabaya, or Jakarta

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