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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Coconut Charcoal Briquettes for Hookah & Shisha

No, hookah coals are not activated charcoal. While it is commonly misreperesented as activated charcoal and even if you google it will tell you wrong answer. So, please note that hookah coals are not activated charcoal.The coconut shells are burned in a low-oxygen environment, then mixed with water and pressed into the desired shape, such as cubes, sticks, or hexagons.

This type of charcoal is popular for hookah smoking because it burns evenly and produces minimal ash. While activated charcoal may be used in some hookah coals, it is not the most common material used. Activated charcoal is more commonly used in various industries such as medicine, water filtration, and air purification, among others.

Our briquettes are tailored to your specifications, comprising premium Coconut Charcoal Briquettes for Hookah & Shisha, tapioca flour, and water, with no additional additives. We subject the raw coconut charcoal shells to rigorous quality assessments, considering the inherent variations arising from growth regions and seasons. While our primary charcoal production occurs on Halmahera Island, we augment our supply with shells sourced from independent farmers, all adhering to our stringent quality standards.

The meticulous selection of pristine coconuts and charcoal, along with thorough evaluations of carbon content and other essential factors, underscores our commitment to quality control. Utilizing industrial-grade screeners, we ensure the separation and purification of the charcoal material, which is subsequently transformed into a fine powder at a dedicated production unit. Our QC procedures extend to verifying the consistency of mesh size, guaranteeing uniformity throughout the process.

Our manufacturing facility  located in Magelang, Central Java, Indonesia, has the capability to produce 10 tons of coconut charcoal briquettes per day. This translates to a monthly output of 300 tons. To achieve this, we operate two production lines, each equipped with seven gas ovens, which together ensure a consistent, stable, and efficient production process.

Absolutely, we extend a warm invitation for you to visit our factory. Feel free to communicate your preferred schedule, and we will make arrangements accordingly. Your visit is highly anticipated and we look forward to accommodating you.

Absolutely. We offer complimentary samples; however, you will be responsible for covering the shipping expenses from Indonesia to your destination.

Master Charcoal are proud to identify as a supplier that has strategically collaborated with several outsourced manufacturers. This collaboration has significantly bolstered our production capacity, allowing us to effectively meet the growing demands of the market. Our commitment to quality and timely delivery remains unwavering as we continue to cater to the diverse needs of our valued customers.

We advise visiting our factory before making an advance payment to confirm the product. Our company is registered, and we prioritize transparent transactions to maintain customer trust.

We hold the firm belief that the trust our customers place in us is our most valuable asset. Rest assured, we are dedicated to upholding this trust and will not falter in delivering on our promises.

To initiate your order, you have two convenient options. You can simply click the WhatsApp button located at the lower right corner, or you can follow contact us page to access our contact form. Once you provide the necessary details, we will promptly respond to your inquiry via email.

We exclusively offer coconut charcoal briquettes for purchase in quantities that meet or exceed one full container load, which typically amounts to 15-18 tons. This practice is in line with shipping regulations and the operational structure of our role as both a wholesaler and manufacturer of these products

We offer private label (OEM) and custom packaging options, accommodating specific size, shape, and quality requirements to match your brand. We also collaborate with clients for their unique packaging designs. Specializing in OEM production, our focus is on crafting exceptional coconut charcoal under your brand, though we don’t handle design.

The dimensions for a 1 kg coconut charcoal package are 4x3x6 pieces, each 25 mm long, with a total size of 100 mm x 75 mm x 150 mm. Our pricing includes standard full-color printing on 230g carton paper for the inner box, with adjustments for different materials available upon request.

For payment, a 50% down payment is needed via TT bank transfer in USD to our Indonesian accounts at Bank of Mandiri or BCA. We don’t accept L/C for orders under 10 containers and non-traditional methods like Western Union or Bitcoin are not allowed. Upon down payment receipt, production begins, taking 5 days to load a 1×20″ container with charcoal boxes.

After production, boxes are labeled per your instructions. Once the loaded container ships, shipping documents are prepared in 3-5 days, and we share B/L and COO photocopies. The remaining 50% payment is required for original document dispatch via DHL or telex release.

Our coconut charcoal briquette shipments are from Semarang or Surabaya ports in Indonesia, with the journey taking about 12-18 hours from the factory. Departures are on Fridays, Saturdays, and Thursdays, with CY Closing on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

The transit time and departure dates can vary based on the chosen shipping line. We offer coconut charcoal on an FOB basis and can suggest shipping lines, often transshipping via Singapore or Port Klang, Malaysia. The production time for a 20″ container of coconut charcoal is 5 days.


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