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Enhance Shisha Business with Customizable Charcoal Packaging

Crafted for wholesale buyers of shisha charcoal, commonly known as hookah coals, this page is a roadmap for those interested in acquiring large quantities of hookah coals, either through our services or from respected manufacturers. It extensively delves into a variety of packaging approaches for wholesale coconut charcoal briquettes, illuminating subtle variations in options and associated expenses. 

Empowering you with knowledge, this page facilitates well-considered choices, harmonizing packaging solutions effortlessly with your specific requirements. It dissects the advantages and disadvantages of each packaging variation, guaranteeing a lucid trajectory as you navigate ahead.

inner plastic a

Inner Plastic

inner box a

Inner Box

Master Box

bulk lose packaging a

Bulk Lose Packaging

bulk packaging a

Bulk Packaging

Mastery in Packaging for Your Distinct Shisha Charcoal Briquette Brand

Packaging is your product’s first impression and primary safeguard. Our expertise combines aesthetics and protection, tailored to diverse market demands. Count on us to elevate your product’s appeal and safety.

Protection for Quality

When you choose our packaging solutions, you’re choosing more than just a box – you’re choosing the preservation of the exceptional quality that defines our shisha charcoal. Our packaging is meticulously designed to shield each briquette from external elements, ensuring
that every piece reaches its destination in the same impeccable condition it left our facility. This commitment to quality preservation guarantees that your customers will enjoy a consistent and exceptional smoking experience every time they choose your products.

Securing Freshness Worldwide

Maintaining the freshness of your shisha charcoal briquettes is vital to delivering the same exceptional taste to customers around the globe. Our packaging solutions are engineered to seal in freshness, protecting your products from moisture, oxygen, and other factors that can
compromise quality during transit. With our packaging, you can ensure that your customers receive the same premium experience, no matter where they are located.

Your Brand, Your Packaging

Your brand identity is a powerful asset, and our packaging solutions are designed to amplify it. We offer the flexibility to customize every aspect of your packaging to align with your brand’s visual language. From custom logos and artwork to color schemes that reflect your brand’s personality, our packaging solutions turn every box into a canvas that tells your brand’s story and enhances its recognition on a global scale.

Shisha Charcoal Briquette Packaging

Essential in the context of global export, the choice of packaging significantly upholds the quality and attractiveness of shisha coals. The conventional packaging encompasses inner plastic, inner box, and master box for coconut charcoal briquettes. We will now delve into these elements and guide you in making a prudent selection.

inner plastic B
inner plastic c

Interior Plastic Encasement and Screen Printing

Our interior plastic encasement safeguards shisha coals during transit, preserving quality and shape. Crafted from PE plastic, it shields against moisture and dust. Ecofriendly options available. Various sizes offered, including 1 kg, 250 gr, 500 gr, 125 gr, and 60 gr.

Leveraging plastic surface printing enhances packaging with a professional touch, combining branding and essential details. Plastic safeguards and promotes your brand, allowing vibrant inner plastic color branding. Our capacity accommodates up to 15 colors, although this entails an extra 2-3 weeks. Plan ahead when opting for plastic printing.

plastic screen a
plastic screen b

Inner Box

The inner box serves as a branded carton, prominently displaying the client’s logo and identity. It plays a pivotal role as the primary package showcased in retail settings. Emphasis should be directed towards the inner box’s design, as it forms the crucial “first impression”. Ensuring an impeccable blend of captivating design and high-quality paper is essential to create a lasting positive impact. 

Crafted meticulously, the inner box is composed of corrugated e-flute material, which is then overlaid with duplex paper


E-flute boxes offer durability and protection for goods during shipping, with a thinner profile suitable for hookah coal packaging. Duplex paper, chosen for E-flute box coverings, is a two-layer material with versatile properties. It serves as the upper layer of the inner box, where design and color are applied, and opting for thicker options like 270gsm, 310gsm, or 350gsm can eliminate corrugated e-flute carton ridges, providing an exclusive look. However, this premium appearance comes at an extra cost of approximately $80 per ton for 310gsm or 350gsm options. Bulk orders exceeding 100,000 boxes offer cost efficiency.

inner box for shisa

Inner Box Layout

This overview outlines the layouts and configurations for popular sizes of coconut charcoal briquette boxes. For the prevalent 25mm cube, a 1kg packaging features a box measuring 105 x 80 x 57 mm with an upper lid, accommodating around 90% of the charcoal. Inside are 72 pieces arranged in 6 layers of 12 cubes each, totaling 1kg weight. Another size, the 26mm cube, comprises 64 cubes per kilogram in a 4×4 arrangement across 4 layers, with a standard inner box size of 111x111x111 mm. Additionally, a 250g box variant with a separate upper lid offers enhanced usability, with a standard size of 110x111x111 mm. This horizontal design stands out for convenience and is priced equally to vertical options.

layout inner box

Should you intend to place orders for cube sizes of 20, 22, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, or 31 mm, or opt for stix/finger shapes, kindly note that the box layout will be tailored accordingly. To obtain the accurate box layout and size, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me via WhatsApp or Email.

Inner Box Layout

The most time-consuming phase in charcoal manufacturing pertains to crafting inner boxes, a task outsourced to professional printing houses, primarily located in Semarang. Inner box production requires 2-3 weeks post design submission, with the actual printing process being rapid; however, delays arise from the need to procure paper for each order from paper manufacturers. Repetitive orders allow for advanced paper purchase, resulting in a shortened printing timeline of 3-5 days.

Master Box

Crafted from B or E flute craft paper, the master box serves as a protective container, primarily in a 10 kg size, for inner boxes or plastics, with options ranging from 5 kg to 20 kg available. The master box’s role encompasses safeguarding and facilitating the handling of its contents,
generally in even quantities like 10, 12, 14, 16, or 18 inner boxes or plastics.

package 2
package 3
master box b
master box c
inner box packaging a
inner box packaging b

Master box types and Layout Size

Two primary master box types, single wall and double wall, utilize Craft 150gsm paper for outer layers and Medium liner 125gsm paper for B flute, though some factories might use Craft 125gsm for cost efficiency but less strength. Double wall boxes are notably stronger yet thicker
and heavier, recommended for bulk packaging without inner boxes. Single wall boxes pair well with inner box packaging. The prevalent 10 kg master box size adheres to factory standards and dimensions. For more information please Contact us

coconut charcoal briquete

Bulk packaging

Opting for bulk packaging for coconut charcoal obviates the need for inner boxes, yielding cost savings of approximately 100 USD per ton, as charcoal is directly placed into master boxes. This method is especially advantageous for HoReCa supplies. The brown corrugated carton master box not only safeguards the charcoal but also streamlines transportation and storage.

Bulk packaging entails the insertion of 1 kg inner plastic bags of charcoal into master boxes, mirroring complete packaging yet excluding inner boxes, ultimately reducing expenses and enhancing container loading efficiency. For a more budget-conscious approach, bulk loose
packaging consolidates all charcoal into a single substantial plastic bag within master cartons, catering well to high-volume buyers  servicing extensive bars and hookah lounges.

nulk packaging b

Bulk Packaging

bulk lose packaging b

Bulk  Lose Packaging

Process of Production

The production process for inner and master box printing encompasses several key stages: It commences with the provision of box layouts and sizes, followed by your designer’s creation of initial designs. Thorough checks, including Trade Mark validation, are conducted, and the finalized design is sent to the printing house for size adjustments. The printing house then generates a digital print of the box for your approval, with the option to request an offset real sample. After receiving the buyer’s final approval, mass production of the packaging is initiated. The completed packaging is delivered to your charcoal factory, where our in-house quality control rigorously examines color, size, and overall quality. Subsequently, we handle the packaging process, culminating in the storage of the pre-packed boxes. Notably, all designs undergo scrutiny for Trade Mark registration, and we recommend registering your unique brand name with us to safeguard against duplication.

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