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As a consumer, you need to know the duration of the shisha charcoal production time from the supplier. Certainly, this production takes several days, depending on the quantity of the consumer’s order. Naturally, you want to find a supplier with fast production and order processing times, right?However, quality is also something you must prioritize. In this regard, we have a recommended supplier with information on their production time.

Choosing Coconut Charcoal Briquettes for Shisha

In selecting a briquette charcoal manufacturer, comprehensive research is essential. Understand the production process, production time, packaging, and delivery until it reaches your hands. Here are some factors to consider:
  1. Raw Material Quality: Ensure the manufacturer uses high-quality raw materials, such as top-notch coconut shells.
  2. Efficient Production Process: Choose a manufacturer with an effective method of producing high-quality charcoal briquettes.
  3. Certifications and Quality Standards: Opt for a manufacturer that has obtained certifications or adheres to specific standards to ensure quality and environmental friendliness.
  4. Good Reputation from Customers: Find out what previous customers have to say about the manufacturer.
  5. Reasonable Pricing and Clear Agreements: Compare prices from various manufacturers and ensure that the contract agreement covers all details regarding production, delivery, and the quality of the charcoal briquettes.
For the best recommendation, you can choose Master Charcoal, which can meet your considerations mentioned above. We efficiently produce the finest coconut shell material with strict quality control, environmental friendliness, and laboratory certification.shisha charcoal production time 

How Long is Coconut Shell Charcoal Briquette Production Time?

How long does Master Charcoal take in its production process?The production process for the initial container involves several crucial stages that play a pivotal role in determining the overall delivery time. These are the steps:
  1. For a 20-foot container, it takes about ten days to prepare and align production. Meanwhile, a 40-foot container takes around 14 days due to its larger size.
  2. Next, we print inner and master boxes, a process lasting 2-3 weeks.
  3. Packing takes 3-6 days, depending on order complexity and size. It involves careful handling, precise arrangement, and suitable methods to ensure item safety during transportation.
  4. Once the box design is confirmed, your first order’s estimated production time is 25-30 days. Subsequent orders are expedited (2-3 weeks) with comprehensive information from previous orders, including shape, size, ash characteristics, color, and packaging details.

Best Shisha Charcoal Supplier

To ensure a smooth process, we compile comprehensive order documents. These documents provide a thorough understanding of the progress of your order, allowing you to patiently await its arrival at the port of your destination country without concerns.Do you still need time to decide on choosing a supplier? Here are some factors that make a charcoal master excel for you to consider:

1. Efficient Heat Generation and Prolonged Combustion Duration

Our briquette offering features a significant carbon content, ensuring the production of reliable and effective heat. Additionally, our briquettes often demonstrate an extended burning time compared to certain other charcoal, delivering a consistent heat source for an extended period.

2. Using Gas Ovens for Drying

Although gas ovens come with elevated operational expenses, they offer a steady temperature and the ability to modify drying temperatures swiftly.Choosing a gas furnace ensures compliance with standards, enabling precise regulation of temperature and drying duration, ultimately improving the quality of the briquettes.

3. Stringent QC and Premium Material Selection

Laboratory tests strengthen our commitment to quality. Besides that, the coconut obtained from Halmahera Island provides an exceptionally high combustion temperature and minimal ash content.We optimize the shisha charcoal production time to ensure swift delivery to customers while maintaining quality.  We are also willing to provide you with a free sample of our product.

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